After two months of prayer and discussion, Brennen and I have decided to stay in the UK and continue my education.

However, although I was admitted to 5 schools for PhD studies, none of them offered me funding.  A PhD is a near impossible endeavor without both funding and private support.  

Because of this, we have decided to stay in Edinburgh for another year at minimum and work towards a second masters degree.  This would be a research degree, which means that rather than class work I will strictly be continuing my work in languages and writing essays, and another dissertation.  The purpose would be to strengthen my resume for scholarship committees for the following year.

For 2015, I already have acceptance to Edinburgh for a PhD and I can defer my Aberdeen offer to that year as well, which I plan to do.  The other schools do not have deferral, so I will have to turn them down and reapply if I want to consider them.

However, as it stands, our current plan for the next four years is to stay in Edinburgh the entire time.  We would be here another 4 years, if all goes well.  Again, this is contingent on funding.  If it doesn’t come through here but does in another school, we would leave and study somewhere else.  If no one offers us funding we will be coming home after next year.  I’m being told by people “in the know” that with a second masters and advanced languages I’m a near shoe in for scholarships next year, as long as I do well.

Another masters year, however, is pricey, and our private funding has decreased in the past few months.  We are asking our friends and family to consider monthly support or a donation, as we are not only in school but are serving regularly in our church here.  I am preaching and teaching classes and Brennen is singing and teaching in kids ministry.  Anything helps.   

At this point, we continue to move forward and trust in God for all things.  To his glory.